Monday, January 07, 2008

Screaming on the Matterhorn, August 1962

One of the great things about my website and blog is the ability to hear from people who were touched by seeing a vintage Disneyland photo and then want to share their memories of being at the park. One such person was Dave C.; he graciously has shared these 7 glowing color images from his first trip to Disneyland in August 1962. This Skyway shot has to be one of the best I have ever seen. To go along with this 2nd image of the Matterhorn, Dave shared a story from that day: “We went on quite a few attractions as I recall—the Tea Cups, the Skyway, the Submarine Ride, and of course the Matterhorn Bobsleds, one of the few “thrill” attractions in the park at that time. Being five, I was a bit apprehensive about riding the Matterhorn—it looked so huge to me—but my Aunt Nadine, who tended to be a bit strict, scolded me for being afraid. I was with my Mom on the ride and Aunt Nadine and some other family members were behind us in the bobsled. I really enjoyed it, but my Mom was terrified and screamed VERY loudly throughout the ride. When it ended, my Aunt made a sarcastic comment about how much noise I had made, and she was very surprised to learn that it was my Mom, and not me, who had been screaming. My Mom actually lost her voice and couldn’t talk for almost three days!”

Here’s a good one of the Midget Autopia, one of the few kiddie only attractions; today, Toontown pretty much acts as the kid-friendly area of the park.

Another trip to Storybook Land is about to begin as the Nellie Bly enters Monstro’s mouth:

One of our pigs is missing in this shot; hopefully that’s not why the Big Bad Wolf is licking his chops:

Gotta’ love this one; it appears that the Chicken of the Sea lady is christening Skull Rock with her wand:

MANY many thanks to Dave C. for letting all of us see these amazing images. DVD DEPT.: I have finally checked out the Walt Disney Treasures Oswald and Chronological Donald Duck 3 DVD sets; the Oswald is a tough one. You really have to hand it to Disney for releasing a set that will obviously have limited appeal. The main audience for this set will be people interested in seeing the evolution of the Disney cartoon/Mickey Mouse. However, there is a fantastic documentary on Ub Iwerks which is about 2 hours long. Definitely a must-see. The Donald set is loads of fun with a nice set of extras as well; my favorite was watching how a 2D cartoon is fleshed out into a 3D piece. Watching the creation of a maquette and the thought process that goes into it was truly fascinating.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, these are some exceptionally nice slides, clear and bright, with great color. When am I going to find one nice Midget Autopia image? You have a half-dozen at least, Dave!

Unknown said...

Those are great images and a great story. I almost lost my voice from Expedition Everest for a week. I wasn't screaming in fear--just enjoying the ride!

Thanks for sharing the story.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post Dave, extra special when you have a living story to go with these vivid images. I agree about the benefits of having a blog, I too am meeting some great people and learning more than I ever could otherwise.

All stunners, my favorite is the Skull Rock photo, The Skyway shot is a close 2nd! Thanks for sharing and for the DVD Review.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Great story and who cannot resist a nice Matterhorn image?

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

The 'Watch for Rocks' sign on the Midget Autopia pic could use a little TLC. A few of its white reflectors are missing. With the rest of the attraction meticuously maintained, I wonder if this was intentional, as if Disney knew it was going to replace the ride soon and skimped a bit. I know, I'm picky...