Saturday, January 19, 2008

Through the eyes of Mildred, July 1972

Today is the last Mildred post, but probably the most revealing one yet. You’ve seen you’ll get a peek inside...a look at what makes her tick. You can experience Disneyland just as Mildred did. The first photo is from Jungle Cruise; today, this African Veldt scene has been semi-enclosed with a cave-like structure. Others might look away in horror from this scene of a lion devouring a zebra, but not Mildred. Her craving for a turkey leg has just been re-awakened by this view. Shot #2 is one of my faves; not only is it probably my only green monorail shot, but it has a great assortment of 70’s style: on the left is a pseudo-hippie, and dead center is a Foxy Brown and Shaft combo. Of course the purple-circle blouse on the right isn’t too bad either.

Welcome to the 70’ about these psychedelic swirls of floral color near Central Plaza?

This shot shows what I loved about the “old” Tomorrowland: lots of cool layering...PeopleMover, Skyway, Rocket Jets, a peek at the much to choose from.

When we left Mildred yesterday, she was hanging out in Town Square with Pluto. She probably picked up a cup o’ Joe at the Hills Brothers Coffee Garden while she was there:

I’m sure she wanted to get a hat at the Mad Hatter, but not much would fit over her helmet hair. So, instead she just watched Pluto in action:

Last one of the series: she apparently stopped for a bit to watch the Dwarves in a parade on Main Street:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, the 70's were sumthin', huh?

Awesome green Monorail shot, I don't think I have a single one!

Unknown said...

That third shot is my favorite!

Great colors...

Are you talking 'bout Shaft?

Daveland said...

George - make sure you sing it when you say that!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow that 2nd pic is great. I think I had a head band like that guy on the left! Foxy & Shaft are too much!

Hey Dave "Can ya dig it?"

"Damn right!"

Great post, but, well, I miss Mildred!! (actually, she lets me call her "Milly")