Thursday, January 10, 2008

Aerial views, Pt. 1

We interupt this hodge-podge to present a few aerial views of the park. Most of these are brand new, with a few repeats, but I thought it would be fun to do these in chronological order. Have no fear...Hodge-Podge will return at some point! And for those of you who were excited about a Little Mermaid series, that’s Ariel, not Aerial. My earliest aerial/panorama view is from November 1956. There’s a car parked at the Fantasyland Depot, and the Circus Tent is still around (be sure to scroll to the right; this is a wide one!)View #2 is from somewhere between 1959–1961:

And a detail shot of Holidayland and The Chicken Plantation:

More to come over the next few days. In the interest of broadening the horizons of my readers, I am also including 2 pics from a recently discovered LA architectural gem: The 1924 Los Altos Apartments, which includes the William Randolph Hearst Suite.

The just don’t make ’em like this anymore, although you have to give snaps to Disney for doing a nice recreation with the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

See more Los Altos photos on my Los Altos photo web page.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Oh no, I needed to get some work done today and now instead I will be examining Aerial photos all morning! What street is the Los Altos Apartments on? I know I have seen it before.

Cool Post thanks!

Daveland said...

Los Altos is on Wilshire Boulevard, not too far from the Wiltern Theater.

BlueBoy-U said...

Wow that is totally Tower of Terror ain't it, gotta go check the place out and see if it's as wonderfully creepy as it appears!

Anonymous said...

THREE CASEY JUNIOR TRAINS?!?! What!? How!? ***Head explodes***

no really... I thought there were always only two.

Unknown said...


The first panoramic looks like an older photo from the 1890's-1900's. That place was crowded!

The aerial views are great.

Have you stayed at the Los Alto?

Daveland said...

Rob: I hadn't even noticed that there were 3 trains in the photo! Have to admit that kind of takes away a little of the magic - good eye though! George - no, have never stayed at the Los Altos; unfortunately, it's not a hotel is rentable for events though; $3k for weekdays/$5 for weekends...a little pricey for my budget! it is way cool though...