Sunday, December 23, 2007

DLand Time Machine: March 1960, Pt. 3

Finishing out the March 1960 set with these 2 Rivers of America slides; in #1, the "Animated" Indian and his posse are giving you a warm welcome as you cruise by on the Mark Twain. In slide 2, you can barely see the top of what I believe is Cinderella's Castle from Storybook Land.

Although I love taking a cruise along the River, I'll be the first to admit that these slides are a little on the ho-hum side, so as not to disappoint, I'll start up with the next batch, which will take us to April 1963, starting with another favorite cruise...the Jungle Cruise!

This just in...the new Monorails have been delivered to Disneyland. A park employee from WDW sent this info: “Built in Rhode Island, assembled in Vancouver and caravanned thousands of miles, the first in the fleet of new Mark VII Monorails arrived at the Disneyland Resort. Bringing the future of technology, entertainment and fun to the forefront of today's culture is an ongoing mission of the Disneyland® Resort, and with the arrival of Monorail Red, the future has only just begun. "In addition to the exciting enhancement plans we recently announced for Disney's California Adventure®, we continue to invest in other areas of the Resort," said Ed Grier, president of the Disneyland® Resort. "The renovation of this classic attraction is part of our ongoing strategy to find new ways to refresh existing assets to exceed our Guests' expectations. I think they'll love the new look, which is very reminiscent of the Monorail trains Walt Disney first introduced in 1959." As the first new Monorail design at Disneyland® Park in over 20 years, the Mark VII features a design inspired by the original Mark I. It boasts an innovative custom-paint on the exterior, which shifts colors depending on the angle of light and the point from which it is viewed. Monorail Red can be seen changing from bright red to a deep crimson with hints of gold. In addition, for the first time, the Monorail windows are tinted, adding to the beauty and color of the new exterior. The new interior design and seating arrangement allows for Guests to face outward and view the parks as the Monorail travels through them. As a completely electric system since its inception in 1959, the new Monorails will feature another environmentally friendly element, with new custom low-voltage LEDs being used to illuminate the inside of the vehicles. "The Disneyland® Monorail is a classic attraction and an integral part of Disneyland" said Scot Drake, lead creative designer for the new Monorails. "Walt Disney Imagineering is constantly looking at ways to update or refresh classic attractions and we are so excited about the new Monorails." Monorail Red will make its maiden voyage around the Resort with Guests in late February 2008. Monorail Blue is set to debut in the spring with Monorail Orange rounding out the fleet in late summer. Although I had heard about the new Monorails, I wasn't really that excited about them until I saw some of the pics of them being unveiled. Really looking forward to riding these in February!

Many thanks to the Daveland fan who sent these photos!

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW - What a Christmas Gift - "Santa, I want a new Red Monorail"!!! That looks NICE and the red is not what I was expecting, it actually looks sorta “Futuristic” I like it! Thanks, great scoop! Merry Christmas Dave!!!