Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Amusement Park Assortment

This is truly a mixed bag assortment as I finish up this set of July 1955 stereo slides that I have posted this week. One final DLand shot, this one showing the construction/painting of the Chicken of the Sea ship. Note the girl in front wearing the poodle skirt (without a poodle). Moving out of Disneyland, I have a few assorted Marineland shots, most likely from the same time period. First one is of the lobby of Marineland.

Now we’ll just mosey on over to Knotts Berry Farm for 3 views (the third one was marked Knotts...guess they had an Indian Village too?):

And you know me...always gotta’ have one of them durn mystery slides. Well, today is no different. Anybody able to identify this Humpty Dumpty dude? And no, zooming into the sign/banner won't help; the lettering is blurred. This one is from August 1959.

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outsidetheberm said...

Interesting shot of one of the indian teepees on the island. Though the Knott's Indian Village wasn't very large, it made up for it in charm. Your Humpty Dumpty might be from 'Dutch Wonderland' - but there were more than a few 'Dumptys' out there. Others might have a better idea. Nice shots, Dave.
-- Ken

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great final shot of Fantasyland; I love the metal trash can, nice theme going there, are those the stairs to Caser Jr. (on the extreme left) ? The colors on those umbrella’s is classic! These were Stereo slides, which side have we been seeing, left or right????

Wow, Marineland and Knott’s too! The Knott’s trains always seem more imposing and mean compared to Disneyland Trains. Super shot with the steam hissing around the front!

I have no idea where Humpy is from, but thanks for the nightmare inducing image!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow Dave, how can I top a single-day post like this?? I love the Marineland and Knott's photos (great one of the train), and that Humpty Dumpty character is too cool. Wonderful stuff!

walterworld said...

You went all-out this time!

I particularly like the second shot from Marineland. The buildings in the picture were then known as the Marineland Restaurant and Porpoise Lounge Cocktail Bar.

These buildings still stood as late as July, 2006. They survived the intial bulldozing of Marineland and stood forlorn (along with the Marineland Motel) on Long Point for many years afterword.

I was lucky enough to visit and get some snapshots prior to their final demise...

This area is now the sight of an exclusive condo-development.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I think the Humpty is from the Fresno Story Land park.

Chris Merritt said...

Wow! Great selection today! I absolutely LOVE that Marineland lobby shot. Color interiors of early Marineland are quite rare - I'd love to see more!

Gorgeous Knott's shots too!

You may wanna check with Dan Goodsell on that Humpty Dumpty shot - he's kinda the kiddieland expert...