Thursday, December 27, 2007

500th Post Anniversary Series: Aug. ’55, Bob & “Me” Pt. 3

Hungry? Here’s the latest in the foot of Tomorrow...available today at the Space Bar! I am making a semi-educated guess that this 2nd shot is an interior from the Hall of Chemistry. Don’t Betty & Bud look happy with all that Monsanto has shown them?

This one is a favorite; at first glance, it’s just Betty, striking the typical pose of any woman of the 50’s who wants to look like the model (literally) woman of the day. But then take a closer, if you see kids and/or adults running at Disneyland, most likely it’s to get onto the Nemo Submarine Voyage, or to see the new Jack Sparrrow figures at POTC, or maybe (and I know this is a stretch here...) the California Screamin’ Coaster from DCA. Yet in this August 1955 shot, the kids are running to the Castle; they want to get to those Dark Rides, which was a fairly new concept. They wanted Dumbo...the teacups...what was exciting to them today is probably a little closer to ho-hum to the technically spoiled kids of today. Yes, I’m getting older as I lament the simpler pleasures of the past.

Speaking of dark rides, here’s the Peter Pan exterior:

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Unknown said...

I cannot imagine going to the park all dressed up!

But then again, I am pretty spoiled! I love air conditioning.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I think I am in love with BETTY!!! This is such a neat series Dave, a totally different feel than the slides (which I also love). Betty's pose in front of the castle is classic, those running kids are great! Dare I say "are there more"??


Major Pepperidge said...

Betty sure looks like she's posed for a few pictures in her life...very stylish. What a great series of photos! And the black and white gives them a nostalgic quality that I love.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Major. The camera sure loves Betty. And she knows how to light up an phot. Even with the spectacular sights of the early Park around her, she really captures attention. And that little picnic basket is the piece de resistance. She's one of the most memorable people in all of the vintage Park photos I've seen.

Bob was (is?) a lucky man. And from his smiles in other photos, I think he knew it.

Matterhorn1959 said...

The second photo is from the Hall of Chemistry. I have seen very few images of the interior of the attraction. It is one of those fascinating Tomorrowland locations. I am still looking for the Richfield the World Beneath Us cartoon and images of that interior along with other images from the Kaiser Aluminum exhibit, the Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow, Dutch Boy World of Color and so many more....