Monday, December 17, 2007

Burning Cabin: No Respect for the Dead

This poor feller; he has probably been moved around more than any other dead man in history (was probably the inspiration for "Weekend at Bernie's." This photo from March 1960 shows an employee fiddling with the settler. Originally, the settler was not even part of this scene:

Since added, he has been seen contorted in numerous positions:

And now, he has disappeared. Hopefully one day he’ll come back. The River needs more of those "hard facts" that Walt loved to place around the park.

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Major Pepperidge said...

It's always interesting to see a series of photos of the same feature, taken over many years. It just shows you how much work is done all the time, even if it's not really that noticeable to the casual viewer.

Unknown said...

He definitely got around. I love that they put some pretty morose and macabre items in during the early days of the parks.

Did he get a change of clothes, too?

CoxPilot said...

Am I nuts, or do I remember (for a very short time around '59) a pioneer wife with a rifle and crying over her man. This may just be alzheimic wishful thinking? And, were there not some indians out in the trees?

Kevin Kidney said...

Ha, Dave, this is hilarious! Poor dead settler. Thanks for posting.