Monday, December 17, 2007

Calico Ghost Town

Walter Knott (Knott’s Berry Farm) purchased the Calico ghost town in 1951, restored it, and in 1966 he donated the town to San Bernardino County, which made it a regional park. The entrance sign says “This museum was created in order to outline for you the atmosphere of a small part of the Old West which was called Calico, and which flourished as a boom-town through the years 1891-1896. The spirit of the Calico of those days reflected closely the spirit of the west in general–therefore, it is hoped that the scenes and exhibits presented with will add not only to your enjoyment and understanding of this colorful historic site, but also of that entire western era and of the way it used to be.” These photos are from July 1961. You can still visit Calico; their website can be found here.

These are from the late 1950's:

See more vintage and contemporary Calico Ghost Town photos at my main website.

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