Monday, December 24, 2007

Animals @ DLand, April 1963

A few more from the Jungle Cruise, which show you how much the foliage has grown over the years; here's 2 recent shots to compare:

And back to 1963:

Time for a few Mother-in-law jokes:

I believe this Gorilla bit the dust and is no longer on the cruise:

Over at Nature’s Wonderland, here are some of the animals you’d see there:

This view from the Nature’s Wonderland Railroad also shows the regular Disneyland Railroad, zooming by the Devil's Paint Pots:

Speaking of the DLRR, here’s one from the Main Street Train Station, with the tops of some of the attraction posters showing:

Over in Tomorrowland, here are the animals you find under the sea at the Submarine Voyage:

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Thufer said...

your so correct; it is amazing to see the 'growth' at disneyland. not only on the jc but all over the park. good pictures.

Unknown said...

It is amazing to see how 50 years of growth has made in the Jungle Cruise.

So, these are examples of the Daveland Zoo?

Daveland said...

George - if only MY zoo were that cool!