Friday, September 14, 2012

Disneyland Half Marathon Report, Pt. 4 and World of Color

We decided to head over to Disneyland for a bit until it was time for World of Color, with the Matterhorn being our first destination. Matt pointed out these dragon-adorned light fixtures in the Emporium which I hadn't noticed before.

Up the street, Doug got a hot dog (since the ice cream sundae wasn't enough for him) while I snapped a few shots.

Unfortunately, the Matterhorn had to shut down for repairs just as we got there, so we ended up just going back to DCA, catching a ride with Ariel to pass the time.

Ursula and her evil minions are still my favorite part of this attraction.

While waiting for World of Color to start, my camera kept snapping:

Closing in on Mickey's Fun Wheel:

and the Zephyr:

My zoom lens captured the Silly Symphony Swings:

And finally it was time for World of Color, which was just as magical as the two other times I have seen it. The music, the colors, the mist screens, and the dancing sprays of water create a feast for the senses. These photos barely begin to capture the beauty of it all.

There were a few nods to "Brave":

A random selection to round this post out:

And finally, the long day in the park was over...but that doesn't mean it was time for bed yet. Come back tomorrow to meet me at Trader Sam's!

See more Disney California Adventure World of Color photos on my World of Color photo web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

Somehow I thought I had read that the Zephyr was no longer in DCA. Obviously that was a mistake...

Daveland said...

Major - The Zephyr faux-train from the entrance area is gone. However, the Golden Zephyr attraction in Paradise Pier is still there. And to confuse you a bit more, the Golden Zephyr vehicles are....silver. GO figure.

Rich T. said...

I've never figured out that gold/silver Zephyr reasoning...I finally rode it for the first time recently, and was pleasantly surprised by what a fun, relaxing scenic ride it was.

Those are some of the best WoC photos I've ever seen!

K. Martinez said...

The Golden Zephyr is my favorite design in Paradise Pier. It's the only ride in that area that feels like it's from an early 20th Century amusement park.

Connie Moreno said...

Great pics as always!! And wait, you went to Trader Sam's after all of that???? Wow!