Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disneyland Guided Tour, Circa 1962: Main Street U.S.A.

Welcome back to the continuation of our vintage September 1962 tour, which finds us on Main Street. Amazingly enough, this first photo is from August 1962. How perfectly coincidental is that?!?


Main Street is patterned after a typical, small American town at the turn of the century.

All of the business establishments on Main Street were in business at the turn of the century or are of the same type as those found then. The gaslights are authentic and were brought from cities as Philadelphia, Baltimore and some older sections of Los Angeles. There are many interesting and unusual shops along Main Street I'm sure you'll want to visit later.

You might also like to stop by Carefree Corner, the official information and registration center here in the park.

They have a registration book from each of the 50 states. They will be happy to present you with a souvenir copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Incidentally, if you are just a bit worn out at the end of your tour, remember to stop by the Upjohn Pharmacy for your free vitamin pills. As we walk up Main Street I will point out the many shops to you so you may visit them after the tour if you like. A small sign above the east tunnel entrance states: Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Note: Here's that very sign, circa December 1976:

And how it looks today; it would appear that the sign hasn't been switched out and that it's still the original one:

Let's now go up Main Street U.S.A. for a look at the world of yesterday.

To resume your vintage tour, come back tomorrow and meet us in Adventureland!

See more vintage and current Disneyland Main Street U.S.A. photos on my Main Street page.


K. Martinez said...

The Upjohn interior is beautiful and so unusual. Fantastic!

Rich T. said...

A Main St. shop without plush or vinylmations? The mind reels!

Anonymous said...

Upjohn! I still have a few of those vitamin bottles...empty that is.

Anonymous said...

And I'll add that Pam looks to be the typical all-American girl. The picture is so fresh it is a bit jarring to realize she's around 70 today.

Snow White Archive said...

1962 was a good year.