Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sailing Through Sundays on The JC: The African Veldt, May 2008

Here are some photos utilizing my telephoto lens. Enjoy!

See more Disneyland Jungle Cruise photos at my website.


Unknown said...

The explorers up the tree has always made me laugh as long as I can remember!

Shadarus said...

Love it! More 'telephoto' shots please, they're wonderful! I'd especially love photos of anything that's out-of-the-way but still fascinating... such as the old Fantasyland Skyway Station. Maybe you could do a 'Hidden Details Of Disneyland' series for us later if/when your vintage stash runs dry? I love it when I can see the park in a 'new' way and since I'm not local I live vicariously through sites like yours. Many thanks!