Sunday, February 01, 2009

An American in Paris

As I was scanning some of my old negatives, I came across this shot of a painting I did back in 1999, showing Gene Kelly in his harlequin costume from the MGM Musical “An American in Paris.” The story of this movie was/is nothing new, but boy is it a feast for the eyes and ears. With the music of the Gershwins and the artistic genius that was Vincente Minnelli, one would be hard pressed not to enjoy this film...not to mention the talents of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. One of my favorite sequences is the Beaux Arts Ball that precedes the title’s fantasy ballet. This painting shows Kelly just before his mind drifts off, with Paris in the background. See more of my art at my website.


Doug said...


Love that film. Love Gene Kelly.

Bee said...

this one is amazing!

Unknown said...

I love Gene Kelly, and that film is great