Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disneyland Main Street Construction

From June 1955 comes this construction view of Main Street, just one month until opening. The “shirts” are taking a trial run down Main Street on the Horse-Drawn Streetcar; anybody able to identify them? NOTE: Jason from Disneyland Nomenclature has just identified the driver as Art Chapman.

Interestingly enough, the cinema marquee changed once the park was open; here’s a shot from August 1955, courtesy of CoxPilot:

Although they’ve definitely seen a few coats of paint and various decorations over the years, it would appear that the streetlamps are still original.

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Anonymous said...

All the street lights on Main Street are original. In fact they are true turn-of-the century fixtures that were bought for the park...I believe they came from Baltimore and Boston. Even the posts that hold up the awning for the Opera House originated at street lights... the 2 middle posts had thier lights removed in 1973 for the addition of the "Walt Disney Story" sign.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Thanks for the info on the lamps, Hauntedone999--really neat stuff. :)

Jason Schultz said...

I just noticed that the top photo appears in the July 1955 edition of The Disneyland News.