Monday, February 16, 2009

Frontierland Transportation: The Conestoga Wagon

No new pics today folks; just a few re-runs to cover the trilogy story that I am telling. Today’s Frontierland Vehicular post is about the Conestoga Covered Wagons. These things look even more uncomfortable than the Stagecoaches; however, I do believe that it was important to Walt that guests have a true vintage Frontierland experience. Because of legalities and changes in the "profile" of the average guest today, these forms of transportation just would not make it for as long as they did back in 1955. I love this first shot that has both the Wagon and Stagecoach together, crossing each other on their journey. Good ol’ layering—kinda' like the PeopleMover and Monorail of the past! Both attractions covered the same route of Coyote Rock, Elephant Rock, Inscription Rock, Horse Thief Canyon, Dead Man’s Spring, Natural Bridge, and Indian Territory. Uncomfortable or not, it must have been exciting to see the Wagons come thundering into the Rainbow Ridge area.

No leg-room here in this 1955 photo:

Unfortunately, the Wagons (and the Stagecoaches) eventually went bust; guess they never made it to Oregon. Here’s a September 1959 view:

Depending upon which page in the Nickel Tour that you read, the Wagons and Stagecoaches stopped running their routes on either September 13, 1959 or February 10, 1960. Either way, apparently the overhead and low-guest attendance sealed the fate. I’m sure injuries and complaints played a part in the equation as well. See more vintage & current Frontierland vehicle photos at my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I never realized that the Conestoga Wagons were that narrow. Looks pretty darn uncomfortable! Neat pic though.

Anonymous said...

Well, I like to think that they disappeared because they DID make it to Oregon, and that on cool summer nights, if you sleep with your window open, you can hear the rattle as they pass, and smell the dust.