Monday, January 23, 2012

Monochrome Monday, Circa 1964

Robert Rooman, a well known aviator and professional photographer from the San Jose California area, was apparently the person who took these two shots. Main Street U.S.A. looks mighty quiet on this 1964 summer morning that he shot this first image. How do I know it's summer? Just check out the patriotic bunting on the light fixtures.

I love his second shot of a guest posing next to the combine car of RETLAW 1.

Let's zoom in for a look at the engineers on the train; they seem to be having a thoughtful conversation aboard the Ripley:

For those of you who hate to wait in line at Disneyland, this book is for you:

Although Imagineers spend an amazing amount of hours putting cool things in the line queue, I would hazard a guess that the majority of Disneyland guests are so intent on getting to the actual attraction that they breeze by the queues and miss a lot of details. Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland not only points some of those details out, but it will make waiting in line a lot more fun. Author Meredith Lyn Pierce has thoughtfully put this easy to carry paperback together in a very easy to follow format. Divided into lands/areas, almost every attraction is covered. Here are some questions you'll find for Space Mountain:

What is the rocket ship's name? Where could you go to play video games What has been made into a rocket that does not normally blast off into outer space? As you enter the ride you will see a sign describing Space Mountain.

For those who you Fast Pass, a bold FP designates those questions for the shorter queues, such as this Space Mountain question: According to the sign which of the following is true?

There are also Treasure Hunt questions. For Space Mountain, could you find A life-size X-wing? A helipad? At least five pictures of robots Space age umbrellas? A gold arrow?

For those of you that ask: Why not just play a video game? Pierce's reply: Well you could have the kids play video games, but let’s face it they can and do do that all the time. Disneyland is special and I think your time there should be as well.

See more vintage & current Disneyland photos on my Disneyland website.


Connie Moreno said...

Hey that does sound like an interesting book.

I would love to have a day like the one pictured - practically empty! Too bad it's in B&W. I'm not a big fan of black and white. I know, I know, it's artistic but not in my eyes. I live in a World of Color, LOL.

Darryl said...

On our last trip in August 2011, I was (still am?) appalled at seeing so many people, mostly 20-somethings and younger clicking away on their phones! I have no idea what they were doing, checking wait times? I doubt it. Facebook-ing friends on how wet they got on Splash Mountain? Maybe.

Like the article says, you can do that at home. Hang up, put it away and marvel at the details in the park.