Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monorail Madness!

Although a tad dark, I am digging this overhead September 1964 shot of the Monorail & cone, with the soon-to-be-closed Yacht Bar in the background.

I am guessing that this November 1970 view is approximately where the tram lets guests off today near Downtown Disney:

Today, the Monorail is still a thrilling way to view the park and travel around the perimeter. Looking like the terrain on Mars, this area is actually above the show building for the Submarine Voyage.

Even though there's no bubble to travel in anymore, riding in the cone can be almost as exciting. Here's a view that's no longer possible, now that the Golden Gate Bridge at DCA has been removed:

See more vintage & current Disneyland Monorail photos on my Monorail web page.


Chiana_Chat said...

Great then, recently and recentlyer photos Dave, thanks!

Too much orange in that fancy Martian roof huh? And what the heck is keeping that PeopleMover track from getting new life? Them brining in tons of cash, so many people needing work and they just sit on it forever.

I too really did that top pic. In the monorail at the front - a lady wearing a (shoulderless or Indian style?) white and blue that-pattern-would-make-good-wallpaper 50s dress (which goes amazingly closely with the dress on the lady in the Yacht Bar) and what looks like a lady in a wedding-suitable dress with white gloves.

Tsk. Such SHORT hair that lady is wearing in the 2nd pic. Why lamb's sake she looks like a boy.

Appreciate the now-historic bridge shot, but to be honest it was too cheap an attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge. Not that it still didn't outdo the shopping mall looking scene around it...

Yet no matter, the Monorail makes riding fun. :)

JG said...

Sorry, but I sort of miss the GG Bridge, I thought it was a good tie-in, even if the theming wasn't top style.

I really like that "looking down" shot, very excellent.

Years and Years of visiting and I have never once been able to sit in the cone. Sigh.

These pics will have to do, thank you Dave.