Sunday, January 15, 2012

Royal Street Bachelors & New Orleans Square, 1969

This recently acquired shot of the Royal Street Bachelors in New Orleans Square, circa 1969, provides a number of great closeups.

Playing in front of the One Of A Kind shop, there is an interesting array of merchandise behind the Bachelors. Let's look in:

Opening in 1966, this unique retail location was basically an antique store. There were no rows of mass-produced Disneyana; instead, guests could rummage through "one-of-a-kind" items such as jewelry, clocks, and other treasures from the past.

Here's another New Orleans Square shot from the same batch:

The One Of A Kind shop was replaced by Le Gourmet, a stored stocked with cookbooks and other kitchen-related items.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Those are both "postcard worthy" shots!

JG said...

Beautiful pictures, Dave.

My Mom always loved "One Of A Kind". It was open there from the first opening of NOS. It was one of the first efforts at putting a "sales" point right outside the exit of the attraction. You could enter the shop from the exit queue of "Pirates" (to the right of the photo viewpoint) as well as from the street doors where the musicians are standing. We always did that too.

There were a few Disney souvenirs in the mix, somewhere I still have a "cutlass" letter opener from this shop, bought for my Dad. But overall, the merchandise was as advertised, "one of a kind".

I want to take mild exception to the "Le Gourmet" comment. I recall that "Le Gourmet" was an original NOS shop and it was located in the space now called "Bat En Rouge" (now selling goth dog collar jewelry), just down the street. It is shown in that location in several vintage pictures.

Now, they may have moved Le Gourmet into the OOAK location at some point, and maybe that's what you mean. I do remember that both were open simultaneously originally.

Also, good to see that picture of the planter with the iron benches. Someone posted a photo of that planter recently, the iron benches were gone and the concrete faceted planter looks so plain and ugly without them. I wondered what happened, since I didn't remember the original look. Your picture explains it all. I think that's outside Cafe Orleans, they probably have enlarged the outdoor restaurant seating so the benches had to go.


Daveland said...

JG - There is a photo on Yesterland showing Le Gourmet shop in the location I mentioned; possibly it moved at one time as well.

JG said...

Hi Dave. You're right. I read that post at yesterland a long time ago, but did not notice the comment about Le Gourmet.

It sounds like several of the shops moved around. I know Major Pepperidge has a photo taken in October 1975 showing it in the Bat'on Rouge (sp?) location.

I wonder what they put in that location, then? Must have been well before the current Goth craze, so probably not the Bat store yet. (Which, I admit, fits pretty well into the theme here, even if it's not my personal taste.)

Sorry to be so quarrelsome. Thanks for your patience.


Daveland said...

No worries JG - I wouldn't have known about the 2 locations if you hadn't mentioned it. In fact, I think I also have a photo of it in the location that you originally mentioned.

walterworld said...

Le Gourmet was my mom's favorite shop, and it was originally located near the court of angels, from the opening of NOS.

If you check out an early 70's Disneyland Guide you'll get your bearings. The only NOS shop that still has it's same name and function (and was never anything else ala the recently re-opened Perfumerie) is Crystal D'Orleans.

They moved Le Gourmet to the spot where the One Of A Kind Shop was, when they decided to turn the Le Gourmet space into an all year Christmas shop.

The last shot is near the entrance to the French Market, which amazingly has also retained it's same name all these years...

Wish they would bring back the original Pirates Arcade.

Thanks Dave!