Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random 1950’s, Pt. 3

Anyone up for a rip-roaring random day in Frontierland, circa 1950’s? (hopefully you’ll know that was a rhetorical question and that you’re stuck with this batch today whether you like it or not!) This young gent couldn’t get a shot with the Golden Horseshoe Can Can girls, so he did the next best thing: stood next to the poster featuring the Golden Horseshoe Can Can Girls.

Here’s a trio of shots featuring the Mark Twain:

I love this one of these two ladies enjoying a day at Disneyland, dressed up just-so for the occasion in their 1950’s finery.

Things look quiet over at Fowler’s Inn; no Haunted Mansion or fast-food restaurants during this time.

Zooming in:

A comparison shot of Fowler’s from September 2010:

The 50’s ladies are back for another photo opp; they are adventurous, too...ready with their paddles for a canoe trip around the Rivers of America! Well, maybe not a paddle; hopefully those young gents in the back will pick up their slack, as the dark-haired lady seems to have just gotten her nails done.

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quizshowbob said...

That guy in the first picture looks like my dad (it's not).

Connie Moreno said...

These make me feel like I've traveled through time! Love that first shot of the Mark Twain...with baby trees, LOL.

Major Pepperidge said...

I like the fact that the Golden Horseshoe poster features Janet Marsh rather than Betty Taylor; I assume it was changed when Betty took over ('56? '57?).

JG said...

I am impressed that the ladies went for the canoes. My mom would not go near them.