Friday, November 05, 2010

46 Years and 11 Months Ago...

Another little trifle of a series, hailing from December 1963. It’s Christmas at the park, and The Matterhorn is adorned with The Christmas Star. Let’s zoom in for a close look at all the doohickies on the star:

Below the earth, we see all kinds of strange things swimming and growing in liquid space:

Compared to all the bling strewn around the castle today, it is difficult to imagine that it ever looked this plain around the holidays:

The Tiki Room also seems to have escaped any holiday decorations:

For you compare and contrast types, here’s a more recent shot from a similar angle:

I love this shot, taken as the photographer was exiting the park. As twilight begins, this particular post ends. Hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks for showing the Tiki Room Dave. I have always considered it a Mom's haven. I would sit in the back row on the padded benches and catch a cat nap.

I have found this blog on Savannah which is just starting but I thought you might like the photography:

Connie Moreno said...

Great post today and I agree, that last shot is a gem. Thought about you last night as I was catching up on some shows I recorded. Ghost Hunters investigated a home in Savannah!

Daveland said...

Sky Princess - Thanks for the link! What a cool idea of 91 days in diff cities.

Connie - Do you remember which home?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

That Castle shot is marvelous but where is the plastic snow on the roof???

JG said...

Dave, these are beautiful. Thank you so much. A great thing to see after a long hard day.