Sunday, November 14, 2010

Opening Year Batch, 1955

Town Square looks like a ghost-town in this 1955 opening year shot. Anyone...anyone...anyone? Not a soul in sight.

A few guests appear in this shot, as they cross the drawbridge into Fantasyland.

Over in Frontierland at the Depot, the C.K. Holliday stops long enough for a photo opp and possibly a little H2O!

The Twain and The Train—say that real fast about 20 times! Passing through the murky waters of The Rivers of America, the Mark Twain approaches Fowler’s Harbor.

Over at The Jungle Cruise, the monkeys have invaded the Ancient Shrine:

And the Hippos wiggle their ears for guests passing by:

Poor Casey: no Storybook Land scenery at this time. It would be awhile before the miniatures and beautiful landscaping would appear.

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Connie Moreno said...

It amazing to see the Park so empty and so barren.

Thufer said...

Isn't it? Just amazing to see.

Major Pepperidge said...

What a beautiful bunch of slides! There's just something about these very early images that elicits.... something. Maybe it's the wish that I could have seen it that way in person.

Rich T. said...

Days like this in 1955 must have been scary for Walt and his people, waiting to see if the public would "get" Disneyland. I wonder what the turning point was...or if it was just simple, good old word-of-mouth.