Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yippie Day in Color, Pt. 3

It’s the big finish of this set of color images shot by Andrew Midkiff, who was actually there on Yippie Day:

When I got to Tom Sawyer’s island there was plenty of weed and people were smoking, standing around talking, and playing frisbee. Someone ran up the Viet Cong flag. We left the island and the next thing I remember I was in a crowd of people and police appeared in riot gear and pushed us right out of the park. I heard a scuffle broke out but I did not see it.

To quote Abbie Hoffman: “There never were any Yippies and there never will be. it was a slogan YIPPIE! and that exclamation point was what it was all about. It was the biggest put-on of all time. If you believe Yippies existed, you are nothing but sheep.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed this "colorful" look at Yippie Day. See more Disneyland Yippie Day photos at my main website.


walterworld said...

Boy, it sure would have been a (natural) buzz kill to see the place taken over by unemployed dopers.

To quote the Big Lebowski:

"Get a job sir!!"

Great posts Dave-- My inner counterculturist is leaping about right now.

HBG2 said...

Hoffman was wrong. All you do is (1) start with a hippie, (2) subtract all positive and redeeming features, (3) carefully retain and accentuate all obnoxious and irresponsible features, and TA DA, you've got a Yippie.

Major Pepperidge said...

I DO believe in Yippies!

Barry said...

I am actually amazed that the police were there waiting for them. When I was in the army and attending classes in college. I went to one SDS meeting to see what it was all about. Less than an hour after getting home my commanding officer was on the phone and told me never to attend another meeting. Either we (The military) were being watched at all times or those organizations were. It really spooked me out!

JG said...

Thanks Dave, for posting these photos. Had to be done, I guess.

I'm not saying any more, because I don't trust myself to stay polite.