Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DL & A Gaggle of Gals, Pt. 2 Trip Report

It was getting closer to dinner, but we still had time to squeeze in a few more attractions. First up is The Jungle Cruise. No, the first shot isn’t from the attraction, but rather the G.O.G. listed in the title of this entry. The Jungle Cruise sure is fun at night; our Skipper was quick with the quips and knew where to shine the spotlight! Here are a few of the things that we saw that night:

Who says it isn’t dinner time?

“My wife makes the best stew...”

Still more time to kill (so to speak), and the Tiki Room was just around the corner. The G.O.G. made a mad dash to the restroom to change into their dinner finery and I waited at the entrance of the Tiki Room. Naturally, I kept my camera shutter busy. With the colored lights, the courtyard literally glows at night, giving the Tiki statuary a life of their own.

OK, who’s the joker who put the drink umbrella on the Tiki God?

Alas, by the time the G.O.G. finished getting purty, the show had already started. Time for Plan B: Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Fantasyland!

Hardly a line at all; everyone enjoyed the new lighting effects which made the Old Hag even more menacing:

You could almost feel the rain coming down on the Dwarfs:

OK, NOW it was time to get dinner. We made a beeline back to New Orleans Square through the Fantasmic traffic and arrived at our destination right on time. The G.O.G. was extremely excited to be going to Club 33 for the very first time. As the treasured door opened and we were invited to step inside, the cameras began snapping as each member of the party stood in awe at being able to “step behind the curtain” so to speak.

And then the phone call came from up high...

Our table wasn’t ready and wouldn’t be for awhile (insert groan).

BUT...we could have a fast pass to any attraction.

I quickly ran through my mind the attractions that had fast passes; we’d already done The Mansion; one of our G.O.G. couldn’t do Indy, Space Mountain, or Big Thunder Mountain...oh damn, time is ticking...what to do...what to do...

Suddenly, I decided to think outside of the box. The cast member had stated ANY attraction, so I requested the one that has no fast pass and also has the longest lines of all: Peter Pan’s Flight!

NO PROBLEM! The special fast pass was written, Shamus (the mascot for the G.O.G.) posed with the pass...

...and we were on our way back to Fantasyland! Entering the exit, we proudly brandished our special fast pass and immediately got on our Pirate Galleon heading to Neverland! This was probably the coolest part of the day so far. Nana looked on in disbelief as we flew over her.

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the oldest attractions at Disneyland, but each time the thrill of flying over London takes my breath away.

Adventure over—time to return to New Orleans Square! The herds of cattle were gathering into their viewing spots along the Rivers of America for Fantasmic, and we practically needed a tazer to get through. That didn’t stop me from snapping the sites along the way!

In a case of deja vu, we were back inside the Club; only this time, we got to ride the magic elevator up to the restaurant on the 2nd floor!

One step closer to getting our table!

Club 33 has a beauty and ambiance that makes you feel as if you are miles away from the noise and hub-bub going on outside.

A closer look at the beautiful hand-painted harpsichord art:

Your table awaits...

The thorn amongst the roses of the G.O.G.:

The lamb was delish (my fave dish there), followed by dessert (the only reason people bother with dinner at all!):

Another great benefit (besides the fantastic food) is the view from the balconies. Here’s the Blue Bayou:

Holiday lights strewn above the N.O.S. shops:

Because our seating for dinner was a little late, we got to watch both showings of Fantasmic from the Club 33 balconies. Sure, the trees make an unobstructed field of vision impossible, but with a little kneeling and ducking back and forth, you can still see the show without fighting a bunch of morons w/blankets who have camped out for 4 hours, holding their cameras over their heads, blocking your view.

By the time we finished dinner and exited the park, it was 11pm. We were all wiped out after a truly magical day at the happiest place on earth. Next time you go to Disneyland, make sure you take a Gaggle of Gals—you’ll have a blast!

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW! How does the park look even better in your pictures? You do all this with no flash? Did I say WOW!

Clearly an awesome trip, no fast passes and no rushing around, perfect!

Hey, that G.O.G.'s are beautiful, not the standard fair for the park!

Thanks for the Awesome reports!

P.s. Lets here the back story on "Shamus"

Connie Moreno said...

I was sooo engrosed in your post that I forgot to enlarge the photos for a better look - now I have to go back!

I felt like I was at the Park with you and I love seeing it through someone else's eyes.

Katella Gate said...

It looks like a delightful evening. Beautiful pictures, postcard worthy.

BTW, at the bottom of your Peter Pan pass, there are "Reason" boxes labeled A B C etc. Any idea what that's about?

Daveland said...

Tim - Not sure on the backstory for Shamus; will have to check with the G.O.G,; I believe they photograph him wherever they travel though. Katella: Not sure on the letters, but my guess is that it's some kind of internal code.

Major Pepperidge said...

You night pictures and ride interiors are really fantastic!

JG said...

Wow, what a post. Raising the bar with those pictures.

Thorn among the roses, indeed. (grin).

No wonder you had such a long day.

Glad you had fun, and thank you for sharing it.


Anonymous said...

NOS looks teriffic these days. Oh how I'd like to return and work that land again.

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