Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rainbow Caverns Mine Train Quartet, 1958

Here’s a set of four shots from a beloved lost attraction in Frontierland. Inspired by the Disney True-Life Adventure nature films, guests originally road aboard The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train and explored the wonders of the desert. The name on this attraction changed a few times over the years; in the 1956 brochure, it is listed as “Rainbow Caverns Mine Ride”; in 1961 it has changed to “Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland”; 1968 (2 years after a major overhaul) shows it as Nature’s Wonderland Mine Train; and a 1970 lists it simply as “Mine Train Ride.” Whatever you call it, I enjoyed it; its slow, leisurely pace gave you plenty of time to check out the scenery and the rocks that loomed menacingly over your mine car.

I dig the sun blazing through this rock formation:

On another note...I just watched “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” for the first time. I think Disney did it a terrible disservice by creating a trailer focused around a corny Busby Berkeley-style musical number that had little to do with the picture. I avoided this one like the plague when it came to theaters, but gave it a shot on home video. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Very cute flick and the dogs give amazing performances, thanks to a little help from special effects of course.

See more vintage Disneyland Nature’s Wonderland photos at my Nature's Wonderland web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

Great photos of the Painted Desert area. I wonder if the second one could have been taken from something other than the train, since we can see the tracks to the left? Pack Mules, maybe?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice Quartet of rare shots - Thanks! In the 3rd picture, is that the roof of the Skyway Chalet? And whats the red & white thing beyond that?

Katella Gate said...

VDT: The blue hip roof is part of the Skyway Chalet just as you suggest. The red and white spires are part of the roof ornaments.

See Dave's picture at:

This is the only shot on the page that actually shows the spires, other photos on the page have better color balance.

Daveland said...

Katella - Thanks for responding on that one. These shots were pretty far gone as far as color goes; did the best I could with their deep magenta hues.

Peter VINCENT said...

Hey Dave
On your recommendation I'm going to rent "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Hey maybe you could start "another" blog with movies reviews. -lol.

Steve Barron said...

As the release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua approached, a more accurate trailer was shown. While my kids enjoyed the movie, they were sorely disappointed that the musical number didn't appear at all in it. It could have been cute under the closing credits.