Monday, March 02, 2009

Disneyland & The Three Little Varmints, Sept. 1961

Just a one day grouping of images from September 1961, showing what I am assuming are 3 siblings. First image is of the full-sized Autopia in Tomorrowland. I love the fact that you can see the cars being worked on right there on site. The next two shots show 2 of the little varmints with Grumpy. You’d be grumpy too if some little varmint was yanking on your schnozz.

Lotsa’ layering going on in this shot; a yellow Monorail passes overhead while the red one is waiting at the station; the Submarine Voyage navigates the depths of the water while the Skyway buckets float through the Matterhorn. Hey Tim - dig that fence!

A closer view of the Skyway buckets going through the Matterhorn.

While all the other kids obediently disembark their teacups after being told to do so, the little female varmint sits still. She ain’t going nowhere.

The youngest little varmint can’t get enough of his popcorn, as he buries his face right into the box. What kind of manners did his mama teach him?!?

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Thufer said...

good set dave. that picture looking into tomorrowland (near 3 fences) speaks of the busy aspect that made that tomorrowland so very special. transportation was the word of the day err future ahh tomorrow.

oh, don't blame that youngest vermin; popcorn good!

PTA Transit Authority said...

Great TL pics Dave.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Fences in almost every shot - NICE! That red, white & black/blue paint on the Autopia fence reminds me of a '58 Buick! Fun post, Thanks!