Monday, March 09, 2009

Disneyland, 1980: Pt. 3

This little series finishes out today in Fantasyland, as our Skyway Bucket finishes its journey over the Carrousel & The Teacups.

In this shot, you can also see the Fantasyland Theatre, which gave way to the Pinocchio dark ride created during the Fantasyland makeover of 1983.

Here are a few of those crazy teacups; a few of the guests seem to be ready for barfsville as they hang over the rim of the cup:

This couple wants nothing to do with that infernal spinning; heck, they've been holding hands since Town Square:

Elsewhere in Fantasyland is the fa├žade of small world:

and Cinderella’s Castle in Storybookland, looking as if it has been dipped in a very garish mylanta pink (urp):

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Thufer said...

very nice look at this wonderful part of the park. those teacup shots are just so fun.

TokyoMagic! said...

And today we get three of the Welch's signs! (Two in the shot of the FL Theater and one in the shot of the couple holding hands.)

Dave, is that the Hilton Hotel being built off in the distance in that first shot? (Between the convention center and the Inn at the Park.)

Major Pepperidge said...

Urp indeed, that pink Cinderella's Castle looks awful!

I love these "old Fantasyland" photos from just before the '83 redo!

Daveland said...

Not sure whether that's the Hilton or not...I will try to zoom in tonight and post it in the morning.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Barfsville?! Too funny!! That hand-holding couple looks SO early 80s, haha!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! The carrousel has a different facade than the ORIGINAL from the 50's, and the tea cup's red and yellow pattern on the turntable could REEEEAAALLLLYYYYYYY use some cleaning. I guess you can see Fantasyland was beginning to change before it's big overhaul.