Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shuffling of the Flags

Known as the Flags of the Nations, this set of Flags located in Tomorrowland began near the TWA Moonliner in the heart of Tomorrowland, as you can see from this overhead shot of the opening day model located at the Disneyland Opera House.

Another vintage view of the Flags:

Approximately a year after opening, they were moved to the entrance of Tomorrowland to make way for the Flight Circle and Astro Jets:

In this “rerun” photo from December 1956 you can see their new home:

A closeup of the New York flag pole:

Here’s a Spring 1960 shot:

By the time of the “New” Tomorrowland of 1967, this patriotic tribute was a thing of the past. Late addition: as a reader noted, there is a goof on the model; actually a few. Still, I wouldn’t turn it down if Disney offered it to me! For an extremely comprehensive list, you can visit this MousePlanet page: See more vintage & current Tomorrowland photos at my regular website.


PTA Transit Authority said...

Great shots Dave. If you notice in the model the buildings are facing the wrong way.

Because Circlevision and Monsanto face the world clock. In the model they face they face the flags of nations.

Katella Gate said...

Since they're state flags, why is it called "Flags of the Nations"?

Were national flags ever flown here, then somebody realized it's contrary to flag etiquette to fly national flags in such a way that one is superior and the others subordinate?

I also notice there are 48 satellite polls and one central pole. With 48 states in the mid-50's, the number can't be a coincidence. (BTW, the arrangement is perfectly OK for a Federal/State flag display.)

Daveland said...

Katella - I wondered the same thing about the naming of this area, but couldn't find anything. It will probably take someone like Progressland to enlighten us!

Major Pepperidge said...

Maybe it was singular; "Flags of the Nation"? We need to find a vintage reference to it.

There other flags in Tomorrowland as well, many nautical examples (near the Yacht Bar!) and others that might have just been made up. I assume that their color and movement helped liven up what would have been a sterile environment in the early days.

TokyoMagic! said...

Interesting....I never made the connection that the flags at the entrance were the same ones from the star-shaped planter. Speaking of that planter...your first and third photos today are giving me a "world's fair" kind of vibe for some reason.

These are all great photos (as usual)...especially your photos of the model! I have yet to go photograph it. I just keep forgetting. Do you think it will still be on display after Lincoln is put back?