Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer 1965: Rob Jackson Collection

Rob Jackson, who works over at the Disneyland Railroad, was kind enough to share these cool images of himself at the park back in the Summer of 1965. These photos were taken by his mother on her Brownie box camera.

I think it is very wise that Mickey is often found in Town Square. For one, it slows the traffic down a bit as families tend to linger at the entrance a little longer and keeps the log-jam of children racing to get on the attractions from being as bad as it might be if Mickey weren’t there. The other great thing about seeing Mickey in Town Square is that it starts the day off on a high note; what child wouldn’t be thrilled to see this Disney legend right off the bat as they enter the park?

Picture #2 is the very definition of the word adorable. Check out little Rob on the Carnation Gurr-mobile:

It may just be a glorified carnival ride, but Dumbo still packs 'em in and makes the little tots happy:

Looks like a veritable traffic jam over at the Autopia:

Rob may be excited by this attraction, but his dad looks to be very much over the Motor Boat Cruise:

And now, some 40 years later, is a 2002 photo of Rob standing by one of the trains that he helps operate and maintain: daughter Lenelle, nephew Logan, daughter Brooke, and niece Lindsay.

Many thanks to Rob for sharing these great family photos. See more vintage & current Disneyland photos at my regular website.


Thufer said...

that was very nice. thanks for that.

Major Pepperidge said...

Very fun, I am jealous of his personal Disneyland photos! Taken with a brownie, that's kind of cool, too! Obviously Disneyland made a big impression on him; and working on the trains, wow!

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks to Rob for sharing these very special family photos!