Thursday, March 05, 2009

Inside the Skyway Fantasyland Station

When Disney closes an attraction, it is usually fairly speedy in removing any remnants or quickly incorporating them into the new attraction so that there is a seamless transition. Throughout the park, there are many small reminders of those bygone days, but nowhere is there one more blatant than the Fantasyland Skyway Station. Here are two vintage photos, showing the Skyway at its peak of popularity, shuttling guests between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Surprisingly, although this attraction has been closed for 15 years, the Fantasyland Station still remains, virtually intact, sitting up on a hill near Casey Junior. This is the view that guests get a glimpse of as they pass all of the retail carts along the pathway.

Original lightposts and even the signage holder can still be seen, understandably a little worn after all this time:

One thing you won’t see at the park though is the interior of the station. Other than being used for Disney functions, this section of the park is roped off from the regular guest and rarely seen. I have always wanted to cross the chain and snap my own photos; although I have not done that yet, I was sent these photos by a renegade Daveland reader. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

This last photo is a photoshop composite, so that you can read the entire saying in one photo:

In DVD/Blu-ray news, Pinocchio is about to hit stores.

This title has always disappointed me because of its complete lack of extras. Disney has more than made up for that in this amazing edition. The cleanup work on this film is incredible; the images leap off the screen and practically look brand-spanking new. The detail and clarity in the backgrounds will blow you away. The sound is crisp and clear. And when it comes to extras...LOADS! One of the most interesting extras is the featurette on the live-action reference films. Other special editions of Disney classics have a few minutes showing the live-action films; however, on "Pinocchio,” the narrator gives great detail of how they were actually used. There is footage showing the props being made, the acting, and then most fascinatingly how the footage was used by the animators. DO NOT MISS this edition...and on Blu-ray it looks even better.

See more vintage & current Skyway photos at my regular website.


Thufer said...

i hope this little treasure stays just like it is. captured in time. of course, if.....

it is one of those special sights and places that have to be paid a visit when i go to the park. thanks for those wonderful pictures and letting us see that it is still in good shape back there. that yellow paint on the floor brings back so many memories.

TokyoMagic! said...

Woweeee! Yes, these definitely bring back memories. Remember that little display that was off to the side of the queue? I'm trying to remember what was there exactly. There was some straw on the ground, and I think there was a milking stool and pail....and some tools hanging?

Katella Gate said...

This is a ride I never went on too much. What do the yellow boxes on the floor represent? I think the one on the right (Pic 9) is the loading spot and the one on the far left is the unloading spot.

Is the big rectangle in the middle a "Safe working zone" where CMs could stand and not get knocked over by the cars?

BTW, does anybody remember the yellow semi-circles painted under the doors in elementary school for the same reason?

Unknown said...


That would make a dandy little mountain cafe! OR the DL offices for a certain Dave!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, thanks for satisfying my curiosity about the interior of the old Chalet! Strange to see it so empty with those folding tables. Lots of beautiful details though!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW! Amazing, I've wanted to jump that chain on every visit! Nice to see its all original. Although I was half hoping the old hardware was still in place. Awesome post, thanks Dave!

Steve Barron said...

Interesting that the same defunct remnant exists both at Disneyland and WDW! The bottom of the hill is stroller parking and special character meet-and-greet in WDW but I love commenter George's idea for a cafe up there!

gregr said...

I wish they would bring back the Skyway.

walterworld said...

I've jumped the fence twice and have the pics to prove it! Once back in 2001 and again this past November. Cool to be up there again to be sure.

TokyoMagic, I have a shot of the area where that little side display was, with the milking station, straw, etc. I too remember that area distinctly as there was a water fountain nearby (still there).

Shoot me an email if you want a copy.


Okie said...

Cool pictures. Brings back some great memories. Would love to see the skyway come back.

Anonymous said...

So it's roped off, eh? I'm sure if my family gets in a circle while I sneak under with a camera I could post a video on Youtube. I already saw one of it on youtube, another can't hurt I guess. ;)

Janey said...

On a recent visit I was snapping some pictures and a Cast Member offered to go up and get some pictures for me! He didn't go inside, but still provided me with some fabulous pictures!