Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monorail medley

Sorry for the late post; I just got back from DLand and am a little wiped out—those Spring Break crowds can sure wear a guy out! So, to tide you over until I get my second wind, here are 3 images of the Monorail. First one is a badly faded 1959/1960 image of the Monorail passing over the Nautilus & The Submarine Voyage. The Richfield Eagle can be seen looming overhead in the background.

Shot #2 is a Mark 3 Monorail from 1968, passing by the entrance to the park:

This color 1968 view of the Blue Monorail was taken from the beloved parking lot. I have a feeling that once DCA finishes its huge memory, the old parking lot will not be quite as beloved as before. You can see in the closeup shot that Santa Fe still had their fingers on things as of 1968:

See more vintage & current Monorail photos at my regular website.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Badly faded or not, 3 car monorail shots are always a welcome sight. Nice shot of the Blue Monorail, that blue looks like a 1960's GM car!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wonderful Monorail shots... wonder how they got the perspective in that second photo? Love the last one (plus the detail) as well!

Katella Gate said...

Major Magnificats for your Magnificent Magenta Monorail Menagerie.

Thufer said...

monorail purple over the nautilus; life is good.
throw in the parking lot and main gate, it's magical.
wonderful post, get some rest as those 'spring break' crowds can in fact be killer.!