Monday, December 01, 2008

More from Barry

Barry, who was kind enough to share his Grad Nite story with us last week has also graciously shared these images from an April 1962 trip to the park. We start off with two shots of every boy’s favorite playground, Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer Island. As Barry himself said, “The two of Fort Wilderness are all strangers…I was interested in getting the fort. I never missed a chance to go to the fort. Too many westerns as a kid.”

Barry shared his memories with me of that day in April 1962: “I had just begun using the camera I got for Christmas and this was our first trip to Disneyland after that. Also, my brother Mark had been born on my birthday in March; I turned 15 and got another brother the same day! I was still a nut for the mule train ride. So I tried taking a couple from the back of the mule and then a few here and there. As you can see most are in the vicinity of Frontierland…no wonder Stef & I had our photo taken there! Over the years a few of the other photos taken disappeared but these were the survivors. I thought I had one of my two other brothers Jeff and John, standing on the raft to Tom Sawyers Island that day as well.” This photo shows Barry’s brother, Jeff, on a raft, about to leave the Island.

Next up are a few from the Mine Train, another popular attraction with young boys of the day.

And the mighty Cascade Peak:

Again, thanks to Barry for digging these photos out from his collection for all to see.

DVD/Blu-ray update: “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” is coming out this week on Tuesday, December 2nd.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks to Barry for sharing these, they are considerably nicer in quality than most black and white snapshots... and there are some unusual angles. Cool!

Barry said...

Thank You Major! Yours is another of my favorite sites!

Anonymous said...

Disneyland through a kid's eye. Really fun.