Thursday, December 04, 2008

Disneyland and Knotts, June 1963, Pt. 3

A quick wrap-up for the June 1963 series, with a few lackluster shots, beginning with Ye Ol’ Flower Market on Center Street. I don’t know...this one just boggles my mind. Almost as much as the lingerie store on Main Street. Hard to imagine people coming to Disneyland to buy plastic fruit and flowers. The last Disneyland image from this batch shows the back of the Motor Boat Cruise sign and The Matterhorn.

Moving on over to Knotts, love this shot with the trio of girls wearing matching outfits. And how about the couple wearing the matching shirt and skirt?!? Somebody was busy with the sewing machine.

This shot reminds me of the airport, with the taxis all lined up waiting to take you to your destination.

As a tag-along to the Major’s recent post, here’s the high-tech water fountain in Town Square, circa August 29, 1955.

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TokyoMagic! said...

Yay...the Original Berry Stand!!! This is when it sat next to the Candy Parlour (you can see just a corner post of it in your shot.) The rock structure next to that man contained a large plaque explaining the history of the Original Berry Stand and Knott's. I'm guessing that was thrown onto the trash heap along with the Berry Stand, the Haunted Shack AND the volcano. :-(

Major Pepperidge said...

Nothing lackluster about these! That IS a great one of the old berry stand (and yes, the clothing of the matching couple and the three kids is awesome).

Interesting that the water fountain was there so early, this version isn't quite as fancy as the later one, but that's what makes it a neat photo... you can really tell that it is 1955!

Let's Talk Knott's said...

Great photo of the old Berry Stand! I thought that was the corner of the Candy Parlour creeping into the right side of the picture. I miss the old marketplace so much. We used to go there a lot because it was free and there was so much to see. The candy parlour had big windows on the side and steps for kids to stand on so they could see in and watch the candy being made. I remember being fascinated by that as a child. What I wouldn't give to be able to share that experience with my children now. The candy parlour and the volcano were my favorites! Thanks for sharing these great old photos!