Thursday, December 18, 2008

Classic B&W, June 1957, Pt. 2

Here at Daveland, today is Autopia day. How’d you like to be a kid driving an Autopia car back in 1957...with no track to guide you! How cool is that?!? Little kids were smarter back then, so no track was needed! I also included a detail shot of the Autopia cars lined up waiting to be put to use and the lone cast member out on the track doing whatever he’s doing.

Back over in Fantasyland, the really little tots could enjoy the Midget Autopia! Not only were little tots smarter back then, they were also politically incorrect. In the background we can see Casey Junior chugging through Storybook Land.

See more vintage & current Autopia photos at my regular website.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

The first photo is spectacular, what a great skyline (even in b & w) and the scenery in the background makes this look like it’s not in Anaheim!

Help me with the orientation; are we looking north or west? Is this the Jr. Autopia looking east? (When did that open?)


Major Pepperidge said...

Man, Dave, your group of black and white images has just been stellar, one knockout after another. I always love that Midget Autopia!

Daveland said...

Tim - I'll check out some of my aerial shots and see if I can pinpoint the locations for you. The Midget Autopia opened in 1957 and ran until 1966. I always have a difficult time knowing the difference between the Junior, Midget, and regular Autopias!