Friday, September 11, 2020

Vintage Mission Inn, Pt. 2

Moving ahead five years, I present a batch of images from 1956 of the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, California. This waterfall is still at the Inn, located at the entrance to the Las Campanas restaurant:

I can't really give high marks to the 1956 photographer; this image appears to show a glimpse of the hotel’s pool:

Shot from the Spanish Patio, this image shows Author’s Row:

A few different paint colors, but still about the same:

A vintage view of the Spanish Patio fountain…

and a contemporary detail shot of the same area:

The Anton Clock in the Spanish Patio:

Still ticking away!

Vines create a canopy over the wooden archways near the entrance:

Although my shot is facing the wrong way, I believe this is the same pathway as it looks today:

See more vintage and contemporary Mission Inn photos at my main website.


Stu29573 said...

I love seeing these classic hotels, although I'll never stay in one. They look back at a relaxed elegance and refinement that is pretty much lost today.

Anonymous said...

Happy to know that the Inn remains in business. So many of our historical buildings and businesses have been lost for various reasons. This place is a true and unique gem. KS

Chuck said...

Still kicking myself that I lived in San Bernardino and worked in Moreno Valley for two years and only set foot on the property night...during Christmastime...and never went inside.