Monday, September 14, 2020

Disneyland Gems from '56, Pt. 1

I think you're going to like this batch! I'll start you off slow with a few shots from Disneyland’s Town Square. The Main Street Train Station appears to be a hive of activity in this first 1956 shot, as guests race up the stairs to catch the train. I wonder where the photos that the guy up by the railing was shooting are today?

A view of Town Square taken from the steps of the Train Station:

Walt was lambasted for not having enough water fountains in the Park on opening day; here’s one smack-dab in the middle of Town Square (left side of the detailed shot below)! Looks like Mabel Normand is playing at the Main Street Cinema:

Our 1956 sure got gussied up for their day at Disneyland:

A closeup of the Wooden Indian that stood outside the Tobacco Shop. The last time I saw him, his coat was blue. Maybe the fairies from “Sleeping Beauty” were at it again.

I’m dropping you off at the Castle until part 2!

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think that many of those folks were reliving their own youth there on Main Street back in those days. Now it seems most of us of later generations take it as a themed shopping mall. KS

Andrew said...

Three horse drawn streetcars at once in a shot is a win!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Dave, these are terrific pictures!

I agree with Andrew. That shot with the three horse drawn streetcars is a win, but not just because of those streetcars...but because of the lady (to the right of the drinking fountain) dressed to color-coordinate with the waste can!

I'm looking forward to seeing more from this batch - thanks, Dave!


Chuck said...

That water fountain looks so bare without a decorative skirt and a bag of C&H sugar.

JG said...

Chuck, I knew you would post that comment.

The pedestal in the sugar ad is really a different, updated drinking fountain, not a decorative overlay. The sugar bag is artfully arranged to conceal the bubbler spout.

There were a number of these Victorian themed fixtures in Main Street. I believe all are gone now, changed out for new ones that meet ADA wheelchair access regulations. As recently as 2015 though, there was one of the white fluted design remaining in the south side of the Guided Tours garden, against the base of the berm. There was a newer compliant fountain nearby. But on my last visit, the old one was gone.