Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Treacher and Temple

Shirley Temple Black co-hosted The Mike Douglas Show the week of May 9, 1972. The golden curls had been replaced by much darker and lacquered locks, but the dimples, charm, and infectious smile still remained. On May 12th, Shirley ended her co-host stint with guest John Davidson, Russell E. Train (Secretary of the Interior), The United States Air Force band and the Singing Sergeants (performing “I Am An American” with Shirley), and one of her most beloved costars, Arthur Treacher. From 1965-1970, Treacher had served as announcer and comic sidekick for Douglas' rival, Merv Griffin. In the 1930’s, he played opposite Shirley four times, beginning in 1935’s “Curly Top”:


Again in 1936 with Robert Young in “Stowaway”:

In 1937, he got a lesson from Shirley on how to milk a goat in “Heidi.” As you can see, the child star found great delight in watching him get squirted by the goat.

Two years passed before the two had their final on-screen pairing in “The Little Princess.” This time, they performed a few dance numbers together, including this one to cheer up the wounded soldiers:

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Stu29573 said...

Great, now I want fish and chips...lol!

Daveland said...

I used to love to go there, Stu!