Thursday, September 24, 2020

Oregon or Bust!

That was the slogan on the side of the Conestoga Wagons that were once an attraction in Frontierland at Disneyland. This 1956 shot shows the blue wagon riding along the trail with a Stagecoach right in front of it and the Mark Twain in the background.

It would appear that there were two wagons, as my collection has shots of both a blue and a red/rust colored wagon. This shot is from April 1958.

This July 1959 shot shows the slogan “Westward Ho.” Does this signify a third wagon in the fleet, or just a different covering that was exchanged for the other one? Another mystery waiting to be solved.

Hoping our friends in Oregon are ok with all the wildfires going on these days.

See more Disneyland Conestoga Wagon photos at my main website.


Matthew said...

I love the detail of the tools and equipment connected to and hanging off the wagon, especially that big water bucket along the bottom in the first shot and the barrel in the third. Interesting that the blue cart has the red/rust colored wheels and undercarriage. And the red/rust colored wagon has the blue wheels and undercarriage. Regarding our July 1959 shot... I wonder if that was a movie tie in with WDP Westward Ho The Wagons! That song was included in the background music at the entrance to Frontierland while I was working there.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

One of the amazing things about the early Disneyland is the amount of horses and mules used in the Park. And as a CM, I never took the opportunity to head over to the Circle D Ranch behind the north berm. KS