Thursday, March 07, 2013

Disneyland Trip Report: The Pirates of the Caribbean

Rarely do I go to the park without riding Pirates of the Caribbean at least once, so here are the fruits of this visit's journey. Sailing through the Blue Bayou with the crickets and the glow of the restaurant is so peaceful; it definitely does not prepare you for what is up ahead.

The Jolly Roger talking skull is your first taste of danger!

After the descent down below, these pitiful skeletons are frozen eternally in their final poses.

The set designers seem to have gone a little overboard on the cobwebs here.

Oh, to get out of the ship and see this painting up close!

This mist effect has divided POTC fans; I can't say that I am affected either way.

However, I always did feel like there was a bit of a lull between the Captain's Quarters and the Wicked Wench scenes.

Poor Carlos!

I hope he's not in a well with sulfur water!

Jack Sparrow looks very blasé here.

Since I was on the right-hand side of the boat, there are no Auctioneer or Red Headed Wench photos for today; only those of the onlookers.

This is a favorite scene for me, but hard as h#$l to capture. This is probably my best shot so far without using a flash.

Happier than a pig in...or however the saying goes.

The first 3 gents in the prison scene (aka the unsung "heroes"!):

and the second set, who get all the fame and glory:

What a cute doggie; smart enough to know that he needs to keep those keys to himself.

I just barely captured the gunfire from the pirate on the left:

Jack Sparrow's odd little scene at the end:

And the smart-a$$ parrot at the entrance/exit: "Walk the plank!"

Finally, this Trip Report comes to a close; until next time!

See more vintage & current Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean photos on my POTC web pages.


HBG2 said...

First rate set of POTC photos, Dave. Love especially the Blue Bayou shot of the "Charles T." It's rarely photographed from that angle.

K. Martinez said...

These are incredible interior shots as always. The pirate/cats scene is definitely cool. You did a great job on it. I love the unusual angle of the jail scene you shot (image 18 of 22).

I don't care for the mist effect for exactly the reason you stated. It removed that bit of lull between the Captains Quarters and the Wicked Wench scene. I much preferred the creepy voices and sense of foreboding while floating through the darkness of that area. The pacing was perfect. It was the calm before the storm.

Perhaps it was added for today’s audiences which seem to not have patience sitting through the quiter moments. While I love the Davy Jones character, I don’t care for the effects placement. Still it doesn’t destroy my overall enjoyment of the attraction.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all the above. Davy Jones has the feeling of being shoehorned in because there was room, but not a deal-killer after all.

Since this attraction was closed for refurbishment on my last trip, this is a great review for me. It still looks great. Thank you, Dave!


Anonymous said...

After all these years, it is still a great attraction. And I can tell you it was just as much fun for me to be one of the CMs operating the ride. The sense of power one had in the control tower, well, was pretty heady stuff...not to mention having the opportunity to do duty behind the scenes underground. Now if only I had the sense to bring my camera one of those days. KS

Anonymous said...

I love the depth of field you used for the dog/prisoners picture! Great pictures.