Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Disneyland Trip Report: Dapper Day and Club 33

This was only the second Dapper Day that I have attended at Disneyland, but both times were so much fun. The people who participate and dress up in their finery seem so much happier and much more friendly. There's something to be said about the feeling one gets from taking a bit of extra time to dress nicer. Those who were adorned in their vintage duds gave knowing looks and smiles as they passed each other.

A group of us had arranged to eat breakfast at Club 33 that morning, and we all posed in front of the Partners Statue in Central Plaza. I was wearing an outfit that I call "A Mess of Madras."

Here is the staircase inside of Club 33 that takes you up to the Dining Rooms:

Two of the well-dressed Dapper Day participants:

and their table, complete with Orange Juice (I wonder if it's the Donald Duck brand?):

This musical instrument is one of my favorite antiques in the Club:

Each table had a perfect pink rose on it:

Photographer & Disney fanatic Joe Flowers and his wife Theresa pose with their friends Jacob and Ruston inside of the Trophy Room:

One of the many pieces of wall decor in the Trophy Room:

The vulture inside of the Trophy Room that was originally intended to be an animatronic:

Our gracious host & hostess for the morning, Grace & Dale:

Posing outside on the balcony in my mess of madras:

Here's an idea for the ladies for the next Dapper Day:

Shooting out a window from one end of the Club I was able to capture Ruston, Jacob, Theresa, and Joe on the other side:

Heidi, Dale's beautiful daughter:

This phone booth actually works:

Hopefully, Theresa wasn't making any overseas phone calls:

In this photo from the 1967 Disney movie, "The Happiest Millionaire," you can see the inspiration for the phone booth; there are some minor differences, so I'm not sure if it's the same one that was modified or if it was just used as a design inspiration:

It's always sad to leave the Club; like getting hit over the head with a reality stick.

Last shot for today shows a beautiful sunny view from the balcony of the Club, overlooking New Orleans Square:

Next stop: a trip aboard the Lilly Belle!

See more Disneyland Club 33 Dapper Day photos on my Club 33 web page.


K. Martinez said...

Dave - Whatever happened to the Dapper Day Photo contest you mentioned ealier on your blog?

I like your mess of madras. Nice hat! It almost looks like you stepped out of a Technicolor musical.

Daveland said...

K. - Not a single response! Just as well, as the park was so crowded I was glad to be able to go home early.