Saturday, August 11, 2012

Disneyland March 1967, Pt. 2

The Columbia is sitting in the dock for the first two shots, taken from the mighty Mark Twain. Our March 1967 Disneyland guest/photographer must have been taking a spin around the Rivers of America.

On the way, they also captured the Indian Village and the festive totem poles near the entrance.

And the Ceremonial Dance Circle:

A few "animals" along the riverbank, with a few motorboats intruding on the atmosphere:

The Burning Cabin as it was meant to be seen:

In all its gory glory!

The Indian on a horse that greets the DLRR & Twain/Columbia passengers has been on view in basically the same area for many years:

Zooming in, you can see the mini spotlight for those visiting after dark:

The Indian Settlement:

Another zoom so that you can see in detail what they are all working on. Imagine—24/7, these guys are busy as beavers! I've heard they don't even get minimum wage!

Fort Wilderness, before the termites (and the pencil pushers) destroyed it:

More death along the river, at the Indian Burial Site:

Now THIS is a piece of Disneyland history that I wonder where it ended up? Someplace in the archives? Somebody's living room?

From the banks, you can see the Old Mill and on the left, the still yet-to-be-opened Haunted Mansion:

Two beauties of the Mark Twain:

On this one, most likely our photographer was on a raft on the way over to Tom Sawyer's Island:

Fortunately, they had the good sense to take some interior shots of Fort Wilderness while on the Island:

Zooming in for the signage and the trash cans that ended up in Orlando:

Back on the main land in New Orleans Square, the French Market doesn't seem to be open for business quite yet.

Over in Adventureland, a few Jungle Cruise shots round out this post:

Thank you Marc Davis!

I'm not sure what they're saying, but I think it's something like, "That's all, folks!"

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Thufer said...

Yet another good set which shows us' the hard facts' of life in Frontierland.

Major Pepperidge said...

That's a lot of Frontierland images! So many of them look like the park is virtually empty. The Indian Village is deserted. And I've always wondered why they didn't try to hide those motor boats along the river, maybe pull some faux tree branches over them or something.

K. Martinez said...

Nice Fort Wilderness interior shot. I remember many a time sitting on a bench here and enjoying a tasty beverage and snack I purchased from the snack bar inside the fort. Great memories!

Connie Moreno said...

LOVE those Fort Wilderness shots!

Anonymous said...

And the photo of the security officer in Trooper outfit. Forgot about that one from long ago. Are they outfitted as a Pirate now?