Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Disneyland September 1962, Pt. 3

Riding a Skyway bucket afforded our September 1962 photographer(s) this view of the Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland. Looks like a diver is searching for buried treasure...or maybe Mermaids...or Nemo perhaps?

From the other side of the bucket (apparently this photographer didn't mind moving their body around while floating over Disneyland).

And the view towards the Matterhorn, back when the Richfield Eagle proudly watched over the Autopia attraction that it sponsored:

For a totally different vibe, join me in Adventureland for this carved Tiki figure:

And a few from the Jungle Cruise:

Let's zoom in and see the passengers and cast members and what they're wearing:

Back in 1962, guests (and their children) were much smarter. Protective netting, bumpers along the dock, and other various safety features were not necessary. What happened to us in the last 50 years? Have we devolved?

The Mark Twain with construction walls on the left, hiding the destruction of the Chicken Plantation Restaurant and the progress on New Orleans Square.

The faithful "wooden" Indian stands guard over the Frontier Trading Post:

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Thufer said...

Ah, 1962. A time when submarines were 'Gray' and guest knew enough to not put their hands between the boat and the pier.
What excellent memories.

K. Martinez said...

In the 60s and 70s guests have had accidents involving docks and boats just like today. I’ve seen it happen many times on attractions like the Storybook Land Canal Boats back then.

Recently I almost had my fingers pinched on the Canal Boats until the cast member alerted me to the fact that my hand was resting outside the parameters of the boat when approaching the dock. I consider myself very safety conscious, but apparently I was distracted in that moment. Accidents can and do happen even when diligent. Perhaps what has changed is Disney’s response to these accidents.

Connie Moreno said...

Ya, there were no morons back then...

Daveland said...

What has changed is that people today take very little personal responsibility for not being aware, and instead, choose to litigate. Disney has had to change what they do to cover their arses.

Anonymous said...

I worked the JC off and on over most of the 70s. Can't think of a time when we had an injury. Only issues involved the full charge blanks we used at all times which did cause a complaint or two...and perhaps an injury there. Had to keep the gun within the bow cleats. But there were rare times, I will admit now, when there would be a heckler sitting too close to the old skipper and the gun was a bit closer. Oops my bad.