Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Home Again In Indiana: I.U., Pt. 2

Although most of my life education was experienced outside of the classroom, I also have many fond memories of the classes and the campus itself. My three very favorite professors at I.U. were: Barbara Klinger (who opened my senses to previously unknown subtexts in classic films with her in-depth analysis), Dr. Susan Eastman (tough but fair and challenging Telecommunications teacher), and Philip Burton (former J.Walter Thompson ad exec who knew how to write the best ad copy around!).

The first photo here shows the Sample Gates, famous entryway into the University itself. Next up are a few of the more memorable (and photogenic) buildings at I.U.:

Maxwell Hall, home to the University Division advisors:

This little gargoyle on top of the building is like something out of the Haunted Mansion!

The School of Journalism:

My dorm, Wright Quad:

The Birth of Venus sculpture fountain with the I.U. Auditorium behind it:

The I.U. Art Museum (the skateboarder was an unexpectedly happy accident of my photo shoot!):

The library:

The gates that once led into the original stadium, which was eventually torn down and is now used as a park area:

One of the last events to occur in the original stadium was the filming of the Little 500 race for the movie "Breaking Away" in 1978 (released in 1979):

Inside the original gym, simply known as the H.P.E.R. (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), there is plenty of cool vintage tile:

Before being bastardized by the Nazi party, the swastika was an Indian symbol of good health, thus its use inside of the entryway to the gym:

Besides interesting tile, the limestone has plenty of carved details that require a closer view:

Despite the high temps, humidity, and drought conditions, the campus is still a lovely place to walk through all of the tree-lined paths and foot bridges.

I encountered this adorable little bunny along the way:

The Gables has long been a campus hangout, and where Hoagy Carmichael wrote the song "Stardust" while playing the piano here when it was The Book Nook:

There was also (and apparently still) a large presence for Greek Housing on campus. Here is the Tri-Delt Sorority:

This was the house featured in "Breaking Away," where David (Dennis Christopher) wooed Katherine (Robyn Douglass) with his singing serenade:

It sure was good to be back.

See more vintage and current Indiana University photos on my Bloomington, Indiana web page.

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Connie Moreno said...

That place is breathtakiing. How could you possibly get any studying done with all that beauty around you???