Monday, August 13, 2012

Trip Report, Pt. 1: Voices of Liberty

On my most recent trip to Disneyland, I made sure that I checked out the Voices of Liberty acapella group performing at the Main Street Opera House. Over at Miceage, Al Lutz had reported that the Opera House had been virtually empty, with the higher-ups deciding to show movies in the theater just to fill it up. My experience was quite different; on a Tuesday afternoon, the Mr. Lincoln theater was quite full, with a very enthusiastic group of guests who applauded once the show was over.

Dressed in period costume, the nine singers sang on the stage before The Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show began.

The talented group entertained the crowd with a number of patriotic and period songs.

Next time you're at the park, stop at the Opera House before speeding to Star Tours or Indiana Jones; you won't be sorry. Do it for Abe!

I also suggest that on the way up Main Street, you stop into the Main Street Cinema. It's a gem, and one of the last concepts of the original Disneyland Main Street Cinema that has survived the corporation's attempts to squeeze every last dollar of retail possible in each square foot of Main Street. Ever seen the inside? Here it is:

Just make sure you obey the rules!

I took advantage of visiting the Haunted Mansion on this trip, since it would be the last time I could see it before the Nightmare Before Christmas trappings are added. Naturally, the Mansion didn't disappoint! I paid my respects to Old Flybait:

Enjoyed the creepy hanging guy in the elevator (yes, I'm weird that way):

Watched Constance's hubbies lose their heads in the attic:

Was serenaded by my favorite Grim Grinning Ghosts:

Decided to listen to my childhood teachings and not pick-up any strangers in my Doombuggy:

Before exiting, I marveled over two of my favorite things in the mansion: the Cocteau-inspired arm sconces:

and Little Leota:

Cutting through the path from Frontierland to Fantasyland, I noticed that some of my favorite vintage characters from the Country Bear Jamboree were being used to promote Big Thunder Ranch. If only they'd come back in the (animatronic) flesh!

On the way out of Frontierland, I said hello to my favorite Billy Goat. He certainly has an explosive personality.


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Major Pepperidge said...

I'm amazed at the excellent quality of those HM interiors, considering how dark it is in there!

K. Martinez said...

I like your photos of the Haunted Mansion.

When I saw the Lincoln show in late June on a Wednesday afternoon, the theater was practically empty. I'm glad to hear it's attendance has picked up.

Daveland said...

Thanks Major - just shows what riding through an attraction countless times and a good camera can do!

K. - This was the most full I've seen the theater in a long time. It was nice to see so many people enjoying it!