Friday, August 10, 2012

Disneyland March 1967, Pt. 1

Moving up a few years in time, this March 1967 batch begins with a nice shot of a man's bald spot. If only he had ducked his head down a bit, we could have a completely perfect view of all the attraction posters lined up in front of the Mickey Floral! I was too lazy to do my Photoshop magic to blot him out.

Over in Town Square, the Big Bad Wolf is looking for trouble.

Seconds later, The Three Little Pigs enter the scene as a vivacious Disneyland Tour Guide escorts a happy little boy around The Square.

I wonder if this little boy had her all to himself? He must be loaded—Disneyland's most eligible (albeit young) bachelor!

These three young gents are having a fantastic time "driving" the Carnation Company Vehicle parked on West Center Street:

Small world wasn't even a year old when this shot was taken:

Over in Fantasyland, Goofy poses with his adoring fans:

Forget Goofy - I'm more excited about zooming in and seeing a portion of the original Snow White attraction mural!

From the top of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant, you can get a lovely view of Storybook Land:

I'd rather check out the trash can!

Looking in another direction, you can see Fantasyland and the bottom of a Skyway Bucket:

Turning again, you can see the quiet shaded area that provided seating for those enjoying their tuna boats:

Ah, Skull Rock Cove—a rare side view:

Last one for today is an inside view from the Skyway Bucket:

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Connie Moreno said...

Dave, hint, hint....

3 boys in the Carnation truck - wish I could zoom in on the window of the restaurant behind them!

Fantasyland from tuna boat - wish I could get a good look at the lighthoust. Was it still a ticket booth at that time? I see it's been moved!

I've noticed three completely different trash bins in these pictures of Fantasyland!

Thufer said...

Yummy posters at the front fence.
Good eye on the trash cans Connie.

Daveland said...

Connie - When I get home tonight, I'll follow up on your hints! If they're not up by tomorrow, I may need a reminder—I'm getting old!

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, lucky kid with his own tour guide... jealous!

In the photo showing the area behind the tuna boat, notice the cage on the dock, which presumably held the parrot (who has flown the coop).

K. Martinez said...

Today's batch seems extra special. I really like the Skull Rock/Monstro side profile view,

In the Goofy/Fantasyland photo, you can also see part of the interior of Welch's Grape Juice Bar with the counter, juice dispenser and part of the Fantasia grape themed mural as well as a grape colored trash can. You have to lighten the image a little of course.

Connie - I spotted four different trash bins in the Fantasyland images.

K. Martinez said...

Connie - I took a second look and there are three different types of trash bins as you stated, but five different color motifs.

JG said...

Oh Dave, this series is wonderful. What a great shot of the Pirate Grotto Dining area, you can just make out the pebbled paving that I remember so vividly.

And the trash cans... oh, the trash cans. Seems like heaven. I wouldn't mind doing custodial work with cans like those in a place like that.

A zoom-in to the Welches stand would be sweet, since we are all putting in orders.

So many unusual angles of favored scenes make these really special.

Thank you so much.


JG said...

Look in the last photo, lower left, behind the boy's head. I think we are seeing construction of the New Tomorrowland just past the Castle roof.

Also a nice view of the Grand Hotel beyond.

I think I am about the same age as the boy in the red shirt, at least mentally. Just for convenience sake, I am going to say that my family and I were at the Park this day too, since so much looked familiar in these shots.


Mike said...

Wow! I've never been to Disneyland, but did visit Disney World several times including way back in the 70's when the Skyway still existed there - and had it not been for the Matterhorn I almost would have thought that building in the background was the Contemporary!

TokyoMagic! said...

I also noticed that wall behind the counter of the Welch's Grape Juice bar and was wondering if the mural could be brought out by lightening.

JG, I see the Carousel of Progress and the backside of Circle Vision under construction!

If you look at the two pics that include Monstro, it appears that the water is drained in the canal. Also, the queue for Storybook Land is empty except for maybe a workman.

Super pics, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the ladies relaxing at skull rock? I'll bet they are the cast members from the tuna boat.