Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Batch of Beauties from the 1950's

Just a few random undated 1950's images for you to enjoy. The E.P. Ripley is pulling into the station in this first shot. Can you believe how barren the property outside the berm looks? Where are all the hotels and restaurants?

This little monkey was a frequent attraction to early Central Plaza. I know very little about his story, but it would appear that he didn't last too long in the park.

The Pen Shop on East Center Street lasted for about 5 years, from 1955-1960. This area is almost recognizable to the way it looks today, as it is completely devoid of food carts, tables, and chairs.

Here's a little peak into the shop window:

How East Center Street looks today:

Originally, the Indian Village began life on the cusp of Adventureland, before it was shuffled off to the farthest corner of the park in what is now Critter Country.

Zooming in for a better look at the trash can:

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Thufer said...

Early parking lot love. That view just over Harbor Blvd. is just glorious.

Monkey in the park alert!

Of all the stores I would have spent so much time in would have been the Pen Shop. Sadly, it was departed prior to my first park visit.

K. Martinez said...

I much prefer the old color scheme of Main Street to what they have today.

About East Center Street: In the older image with its subtle color one can really see the architecture stand out, where's in the newer image the saturated colors and cluttered street distract and take away from the scene.

I love the "jungle" foliage peaking behind the Indian Village.

Major Pepperidge said...

Those are some real beauties, for sure! It seems like they've never been quite sure what to do with East or West Center Street. In the monkey photo, the kid on the left is wearing one of those Carnation giveaway paper hats.

Connie Moreno said...

When did the little ice cream shop go in on East Center Street? I remember the day I first saw it and said, "Oh look! They added an ice cream shop!" but I don't remember when that was. Obviously, I was old enough to notice.

Love the monkey, LOL