Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BW Trio: 1 out of 3

For those of you that keep track of what was at Disneyland back in the day and what's still left, today's trio of black and white undated 1960's views gives us about a 33% retention rate. Only one of the three images shown can be recreated today. The first shot of the Disneyland Railroad at the Main Street Station shows our gal Myrtle (that's my name for her - feel free to pick your own) posing in front of the combine car from the original set of passenger cars at the park.

Although you can duplicate the angle and scenery, you'll get a big fat goose egg if you attempt to wait for the combine car to show up. The combine and its sisters "left the building" many moons ago.

Here's where you can still score; Myrtle is trying hard to think of a wish as she concentrates and looks out into the distance near the Snow White Wishing Well, located just outside the Castle.

I can't resist zooming in to get a closer look of the statuary:

In 2006, I took a similar shot of just the statues without the well:

Today, the scene is almost the same, other than the bridge being a little cheaper looking; are the hearts really necessary?

Myrtle looks like she's ready to steer this ship to Neverland. Unfortunately, that's exactly where it went back in 1983: Never-to-be-seen-again Land, when it was destroyed during the Fantasyland remodel.

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Connie Moreno said...

That was cool! I love comparison shots!

Anonymous said...

Rats, we can't see if Dopey has his fishing pole or not.

None of my old shots show him either, he is just out of sight.

Thank you for the great modern views.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Southern recipes too, just like home.


Snow White Archive said...

I was thinking exactly what Anonymous was...too bad we can't see whether or not Dopey has the fishing pole.

Daveland said...

EVERY vintage shot I have on my Snow White Wishing Well page shows Dopey with the fishing rod; I am sure he had it in his hand for this one as well.

Douglas McEwan said...

Well, the part of the Chicken of the Sea ship Myrtle is on IS still in Disneyland, and can be seen by any visitor, but you can't go stand on it. It's now in the Peter Pan Flight ride.

When the ship accidentally broke apart as they tried to move it to new location in 1983, the back end was not destroyed, and was salvaged and put into Peter's ride. Now you see audio animatronic Peter, Wendy and so forth where Merytle is.

Daveland said...

Doug - I believe that is a bit of a myth; I've heard that story as well, but when you compare the photos as well as look at photos from Jason Schultz' blog showing the destroyed ship...unfortunately, I do not think that is possible.