Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where'd my coffee house go?

Back in May 1960, Disneyland actually had a location dedicated to everyone's favorite morning beverage: coffee! Despite the strollers on the right-hand side in front of the Baby Stroller Shop, this is a great image that shows how the space worked and just how popular it was for guests. Imagine a nice relaxing spot that adults could enjoy a little hot java! Previously the Maxwell House Coffee House Restaurant, this section of Town Square was The Hills Brothers Coffee Garden from 1958 until December 1976.

Today, it's fairly underused, as you can see by this contemporary photo:

For the most part, it is utilized as a photo station, as this recent Halloween shot illustrates:

See more vintage Town Square photos on my Town Square web page.


Thufer said...

This is another of my favorite spots in the park. The Coffee Garden was always a wonderful place to just sit, relax and watch the magic take place. It offered a real front row seat to observe the 'dispensation' take place as guest walked through those short tunnels under the tracks and into Happiness.

Anonymous said...

I knew Thufer would be the first post. LOL.

My Dad loved this place. When I was old enough to navigate on my own, the parents would set me free to run to the Matterhorn first. When done, I would come back here to find them enjoying their quiet cup together without me.

It was my first realization that Mom and Dad had a life together before me and they enjoyed each other's company.

Now this seems to be a backdrop for the character meet-&-greets, which always happened here as long as I can remember, but now are hugely crowded. I guess they decided they needed the room upfront.

Supposedly the Plaza restaurant on the west is to open as a coffeehouse someday. That will help some, but it won't be Hills Bros.

Remember the old Hills Bros logo on the can? It was a man dressed in arab style robes and a turban, sipping coffee out of a bowl held in both hands. You won't find any major merchanisers doing that today.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays Dave!

Anonymous said...

What Viewliner said too, Dave.

I really appreciate your blog.

Best regards.


Connie Moreno said...

I have such fond memories of that place! I "discovered" it during its last days, however at the time, I didn't know it was soon to be history. I was pregnant in 1976 and would go to Disneyland even though I couldn't ride the Matterhorn, LOL. I always started my visit with breakfast at this spot. I miss it!

Thufer said...

Viewliner and JG are correct, I too am most thankful for Dave and this wonderful blog but I'm also thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have meet here as well.

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful place to relax and watch the world go by. And for those of us who worked there, it seemed a bit special because of its small size which kept us working closely together. Great camaraderie. Glad I took pictures of the staff when I was there. Sad to see it so empty now.

Daveland said...

Thanks to all of you, especially for the great comments and the sharing of the personal memories. That's what makes doing this worth it. Happy T-Giving! - Dave

Tallulah Morehead said...

Excuse me, but coffee is NOT "everyone's favorite morning beverage". I loathe it myself. I can not abide the stench it gives off, and I have been trying for 60 years to figure out how anyone can stand to drink the foul-tasting swill at all. My mother was heavily addicted to coffee, and drank it morning, noon, and night. My dad and I would watch her drink it in wonder, as neither of us could bear the evil taste of it. I certainly know many people who can not get their day started without that vile brew, but there is no coffee at all in my home ever.

When friends I'm with want to go into a Starbuck's, I have to wait for them outside, as the coffee stench in a Starbuck's literally makes me puke.

My favorite morning beverage? Vodka, of course, though it's not just for breakfast anymore.