Wednesday, November 02, 2011

More April 1977 Disneyland photos, Pt. 1

I have added to my collection of April 1977 photos of Disneyland. America was just months away from the true start of the Disco era (thanks to the release of "Saturday Night Fever"). Despite that, the park still showed a few lapses in taste that seem to be tied to that time period. Previously I had posted a photo of what I believe was a vending cart, not-so-cleverly disguised in a hideously cheap & schlocky Casey Jr. style covering. The first shot is the new one, image #2 was previously posted and shows the whole kit and kaboodle.

To help remove the bad taste in my mouth from those previous shots, how about this fantabulous overhead shot from the Skyway showing the REAL Casey Jr (also from April 1977)? With the removal of the Skyway, this particular vantage point is no longer possible for the average Disneyland guest (or even the above average guest).

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In addition, Academy Award Winning Director John Lasseter received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame yesterday; catch the video from the event:


Thufer said...

I shall refrain from placing my keyboard atop the old soap box this morning but I must say that the picture from the Skyway is just one of the reasons that I really scratch my head and ask if any of these 'suits' ever went for a ride on some of these now gone attractions. That view is just beyound my fondest memories.

Major Pepperidge said...

Gee, I'm not so offended by that train-themed vending cart (or whatever it was). It is a little schlocky... but it has a kind of toy-like charm.

TokyoMagic! said...

I always liked that little train! I think I mentioned it last time, but those train cars were freezer cases and they sold ice cream out of them.

In the far left of that first pic, we can see a bit of the Fantasyland ticket booth that is still standing in that area of the park!

Anonymous said...

What Thufer said.

That last shot went straight to the desktop.

I love Casey.