Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Golden Horseshoe Cast Portrait

In this 1979 cast photo, I can identify Betty Taylor, Wally Boag, unidentified suit, Fulton Burley, Chris Stevens (drummer), Dale Olsen (trumpeter), and Vince Rossi (piano). In the front row I can only identify the first Can-Can Girl, Arlene Nelson-Dragon. Anyone else care to take a stab on the remaining cast members?

Just to avoid being called a slacker, I'll throw in this random undated exterior shot of the 'shoe:

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Chris Merritt said...

You slacker!

Anonymous said...

Dave? A slacker? Never.

I am amazed...and grateful.


Douglas McEwan said...

I loved the Golden Horseshoe Review, and saw it live many, many times.

Last year I bought Wally Boag's autobiography, which I loved. I wrote to Lawrence Boag to tell him of my love for his dad, asking him to pass my love along to Wally. Lawrence phoned me the next day and told me Wally had Alzheimer's, as did Betty Taylor. Betty believed the hospital she was in was an hotel. Lawrence said that on Wally's good days, he knew who Lawrence was. Broke my heart.

When Wally and Betty died, one day apart, heartbreaking as it was, it was also a mercy.

R.I.P. Wally Boag and Betty Taylor. The welcome mat is out to stay,
At The Golden Horseshoe Cafe.

Connie Moreno said...

There are very few things that I regret. One of them is that I never saw the show.