Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Early Days of the Jungle Cruise, Pt. 2

Today's post shows some of the publicity shots that were released to generate some excitement for Disneyland's one and only Adventureland attraction, The Jungle Cruise (originally called the Jungle River Boat Ride).

Here the infamous hippos are being created:

then receiving a little love from Walt himself...

then the installation:

and voila, the hippo as it (still) appears today, wreaking havoc on guests until the skipper fires his pistol.

See more vintage & current Disneyland Jungle Cruise photos on my Jungle Cruise web page.


Thufer said...

That picture of Walt is so iconic. I always see such pride in his eyes and you get a glimpse of his 'father-hood' of all aspects of his playground.

mike said...

I love the model of the subs sea monster on the shelf in the first photo!